About us

What Do We Do?

AlertFerret is for when your plans don't quite go…as planned.

We deliver delayed messages to anyone you ask us to using e-mail, twitter or text messaging.

Messages can either be sent at a specified time in the future or after a certain length of time that can be reset by 'checking in' with us.

We will send you reminders before sending anything so you can set up alerts a long time in the future and know that you'll be informed before they start telling people to check up on you.

Why Would I Use It?

There are plenty of times when you may get into a situation where you can't alert people that you might be in trouble or ensure that people know you're safe without having to check up on you regularly.

Whether you're trying to just get home after a night on the town, heading out on a date with someone new or might get stuck in a snowdrift while practising off-piste, Alert Ferret can help tell your friends to check up on you.

First Date

Internet dating is more popular than ever so we meet a lot of new faces these days.

Set up an alert with details of your date to be sent to someone you trust if you don't get home in time.

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Freelancer Business Continuity

One man shops often hold virtual keys and other important information that their clients may need in an emergency but shouldn't have immediate access to.

If you have passwords, SSH keys or other information that you want to send your clients if you are out of contact for too long then let us send it to them for you.

Set up an alert that is sent if you don't check in with us for a month, or a year, the time limit is up to you.

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Foreign Reporting

Let your office forget about checking up on you.

Set up an alert that is sent if you don't check in with us for a week, or a month, the time limit is up to you.

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Getting Home

Making your way home after a night on the town can sometimes take longer than expected or you may just get lost. Either way it's nice to let your friends know you need a helping hand.

Set up an alert to tell your friends you didn't get home when you thought you should so they can call to make sure you're okay.

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Something Else

We can't imagine all the ways you might want to use Alert Ferret so you can create an alert using any of our capabilities. Send it on a specific date or after a certain period without a check-in.

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Want to use Alert Ferret as a service? Talk to us about your ideas.


We have tons of features we want to add, here is a very incomplete list;

  • Recipient management
  • Multiple content items including images / documents
  • Multiple recipients
  • Mobile app that use Alert Ferret as a back end
  • Geo-fencing to cancel Home Safe alerts
  • Store last location of checks in to show recipients
  • Positive and negative alerting, tell people you did get home safe as well.